Review: Power Up Box (with video)

We’re going to mix up our media here a bit with a very special video review. The fine folks at Power Up, a subscriber-based service that assembles boxes of geeky goodies like t-shirts, action figures, games, comics and other paraphernalia asked me to review one of their deluxe boxes. Check out the following video:

Just a few other things that I don’t make note of in the video:

Power Up’s packing is really nice. The flip box was good quality and all of the items were smartly packaged with Tetris-like precision. That way I had ample room to explore without fear that these goodies would be damaged during the shipping process. As such, all of the items they sent me were in great condition as if I picked them up in the store myself.

You can apparently get boxes at varying intervals, month-to-month, quarterly, etc.

You can also check out Power Up’s Geek Gifts page for more information on what to send to people.

Thanks again to the fine people at Power Up for the great gift!

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