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I’ve been collecting Amazing Spider-Man comics since I first used my $1 allowance at the corner candy store to buy Amazing Spider-Man #296 in 1987. Chasing Amazing follows my journey to collect every issue of this series, while also reminiscing about how I got to this point. Expect new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with additional posts depending on its relevance and my mood that week.

Additionally, I’m a professional writer and editor living in Brooklyn, NY, who has written for newspapers, web-sites and corporate publications. I write the “Gimmick or Good?” column at Comic Book Resource’s Comics Should Be Good blog, and also contribute to such esteemed sites as ComicBook.comSequart.org and Longbox Graveyard. I’m the co-host of the Amazing Spider-Talk podcast, which reviews new issues of Spider-Man every month as well as looks back on classic comics. Please check out Chasing Amazing’s sister-site, superiorspidertalk.com for video podcasts, reviews and additional content.

If you want to talk to me about Chasing Amazing, Superior Spider-Talk, comics, writing, or anything, leave a comment in the comments section, e-mail me at chasingamazingblog at gmail dot com, or follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

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