So is Spider-Man an Avenger or Not?

Consider this entry not so much a piece of thoughtful analysis, but rather an open question to my readers: So what’s your takeaway of this scene from Avengers #24 (Now!)? It’s Captain America and Iron Man look at their board of Avengers team members and debating how many empty slots they have. When they get to Spider-Man, they discuss his erratic behavior, but then leave things inconclusive. Is Spider-Man off the Avengers or what? Has he officially been “fired” as was the rumor all those months ago?


Not to sound crabby, but Marvel has been grossly inconsistent about this plot point for months now. In Superior Spider-Man #8, he was deemed “not a Skrull” but then in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1, Spider Ock talks about being on probation. He’s shown up in the Mighty Avengers book, and most recently even made a play for Luke Cage’s leadership position. Yet, his absence wasn’t even acknowledged in “Infinity,” the last major Avengers event.

As I’ve noted many times before, I’m not even a huge fan of Spidey being on the Avengers, as the bulk of his appearances in the team books seem to be in this fashion, somebody mentions his name to remind us he’s still around, but he rarely gets an opportunity to shine. I just wish there was a definitive answer to this question. Perhaps in Superior Spider-Man #25?

OK, everybody move on with their lives now. Sorry for bothering you.

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