Superior Spider-Talk Chats with Mark Bagley

By Mark Ginocchio

August 30, 2013 Podcasts 1 Comment

Iconic comic book artist Mark Bagley, who provided pencils during prolific runs on Amazing Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man sat down with Dan Gvozden and I at the Connecticut ComicCONN event in Trumbull, CT, last weekend. The interview has just been released as an episode of the Superior Spider-Talk and our Amazing Friends podcast. Download on iTunes or at our Podomatic site, and be sure to rate our podcast and leave us a review. Also check for additional podcast interviews from our day at ComicCONN, including our interview with J.M. DeMatteis, which went live earlier this week.

Some highlights from our conversation with Bagley include:

  • Why penciling Amazing Spider-Man was his “dream job”
  • His artistic influences, including his love for Gil Kane, who provided pencils on ASM and other Spidey books in the 1970s
  • Why drawing Carnage is so difficult and how the original Carnage design he came up with would have been easier (if only Marvel editorial approved it)
  • His long-time rapport/working relationship with Brian Michael Bendis
  • His upcoming work on the “Cataclysm” mini-series for the Ultimate universe
  • Why his Richard Parker in the Ultimate universe looked a lot like his Peter Parker from the 616 universe
  • Why he would love to do pencils on a current Spidey book

Again, you can download this podcast, and all of our others from ComiCONN on iTunes, or via our Podomatic web site. Thanks again to Mark for taking the time to chat with us at Superior Spider-Talk.

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