Longbox Graveyard Guest Post: My Connection to Ben Urich

I’m back guest blogging at one of my favorite comic book sites on the internet, Longbox Graveyard. This time around I’ve written a more personal look at Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich, who first appeared in Daredevil #153 but was made famous during Frank Miller’s iconic first run on the title. As many of you might now, I spent the first five years of my professional life working as a daily newspaper reporter. Because of this connection, I’ve long admired Urich and his blue-collar “shoe leather” journalism. My post for LBG talks about how sometimes, in comic books, a person’s heroes don’t always have to be the “super” ones.

As always, thanks to Paul O’Connor for the opportunity to write something that’s a bit beyond the scope of Chasing Amazing.

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