Guest Blogging: Adam Warlock and Cosmic Existentialism

Warlock_Vol_1_9Today, as part of Sequart Research & Literacy Organization’s SciFi Week, I tackle some “far out” comics from the 1970s with my analysis of the tonal shift of Adam Warlock after Jim Starlin took over writing about the character. While not a traditional SciFi story, I argue that by moving Warlock away from his Counter Earth origins and placing the story in the timeless void of space, Starlin is able to explore ideas of self and existentialism that were also found in a lot of science fiction literature, movies and television shows from the same time period. I hope you all enjoy this little departure from the standard superhero and 90s comics nostalgia I typically ramble on about on Chasing Amazing and some of my other guest blogging gigs.

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