Superior Spider-Talk Chats with J.M. DeMatteis

By Mark Ginocchio

August 28, 2013 Podcasts No comments

Comic book industry legend J.M. DeMatteis, who wrote such Spider-Man stories as “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” “A Child Within/Death of Harry Osborn,” and “The Gift,” sat down with Dan Gvozden and I at the Connecticut ComicCONN event in Trumbull, CT, this past weekend. The interview has just been released as an episode of the Superior Spider-Talk and our Amazing Friends podcast. Download on iTunes or at our Podomatic site, and be sure to rate our podcast and leave us a review. Also check for additional podcast interviews from our day at ComicCONN.

Some highlights from our conversation with DeMatteis include:

  • His impressions on his early Spider-Man work with Marvel Team-Up and how he used that title to develop the character-centric style he’s famous for today.
  • Why he thinks the Harry Osborn/Peter Parker dynamic is such a special one and why he loved crafting “A Child Within” and the “Death of Harry Osborn” stories for Spectacular Spider-Man.
  • How “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” evolved from a Wonder Man story, to a Batman/Joker arc to the story that is universally loved and acclaimed today.
  • Why he didn’t get upset when allof the three main characters he killed off (Harry, Aunt May and Kraven) was later resurrected by other creative teams (though Aunt May was brought back a little too early for his tastes).
  • Why he’s content with the stories he’s told about Peter Parker and why he would be more apt to write a Scarlet Spider or Ben Reilly story in the future.

Again, you can download this podcast, and all of our others from ComiCONN on iTunes, or via our Podomatic web site. Thanks again to J.M. for taking the time to chat with us at Superior Spider-Talk.

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