Gimmick or Good? – Sensational Spider-Man #0

By Mark Ginocchio

January 7, 2014 Guest Blogs 1 Comment

Sensational0_coverThe latest installment of my Gimmick or Good? column at the Comics Should Be Good blog returns me to my Spider-Man roots and is yet another instance where I revisit the “Clone Saga” despite my initial hatred for the arc. In this post, I examine the lenticular-covered Sensational Spider-Man #0, which brought aboard long-time Superman vet Dan Jurgens on story and art (with Klaus Janson on inks) for Ben Reilly’s first official solo story after Peter hangs up the webs for good (a story I profiled as part of the Super Blog Team-Up in November). Did I think Sensational #0 was a gimmick or was it good?

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