Guest Blogging: The Garden and the Wilderness – Walking Dead (Part I)

WalkingDead1_01The first in a series of posts I’m working on about the Walking Dead comic book series was published on Sequart Research & Literacy Organization’s site today. In these posts, I look at individual Walking Dead arcs and explore the theme of the “garden and the wilderness,” i.e. moments where a “paradise” in this post-apocalyptic world is scuttled by the flaws in human nature. This first piece looks at the comic’s opening six-part story when the group of survivors settle at a roadside encampment outside of Atlanta and refuse to relocate (despite their being evidence that it would be in their best interest) based on the hope of being close to a major city. The series will run every other Friday on Sequart starting today.

Image from Walking Dead #1: Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore

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