Guest Blogging: Top Spider-Man Battles (Part I)

I’m happy to announce that the first of two posts I wrote have been published on one of my personal favorite comic book sites, Longbox Graveyard. The post looks at the first half of my top 10 Spider-Man battles. Regular readers of Chasing Amazing may recognize some of my selections since I talk about these comics at length over here.

Longbox Graveyard focuses on comic book storylines and nostalgia from the Bronze Age  (1970-1985), though there are occasional posts on more current material. The site initially got on my radar a few years ago when LBG creator Paul O’Connor posted a list of his favorite Marvel characters, and he neglected to mention everyone’s favorite Web Slinger. Still, I couldn’t hold the massive oversight against him since the blog is so fantastic, so in exchange, he’s letting me flood his site with some Spidey content.

The second part of the top 10 list will run in a few weeks. Again, many thanks to Paul for the opportunity, and by all means, check out the page and follow Paul on Twitter.

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