Guest Blogging: Talking Walking Dead

By Mark Ginocchio

February 6, 2013 Guest Blogs No comments

While Spider-Man is my passion and my collection primarily consists of Amazing Spider-Man comic books, like any good “geek,” I will branch out to other titles and franchises for entertainment. Walking Dead is one of them.

Last month, through the magic that is social media, I crossed paths with the owner of Escape Pod Comics, a new store that’s opening (sorta/kinda) near my old home town out on Long Island. When I read about the philosophy behind Escape Pod, which will be set-up to reflect more of a bookstore aesthetic, similar to my favorite comic book shop near my current residence of choice in Brooklyn, I felt inclined to help this business out any way I could. In this case, it’s by me contributing to his site’s blog, and getting an opportunity to write about some things other than Spider-Man.

With the second half of Season 3 of AMC’s Walking Dead kicking back off this Sunday, I thought it would timely to question (as rhetorically as possible) why this show/comic book series seems to appeal to so many people. My guest post deals with my conflicted feelings about this franchise, which I’ve come to really enjoy despite the themes seemingly going against everything I typically love in my entertainment values.

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