Ron Frenz Joins Superior Spider-Talk

By Mark Ginocchio

September 12, 2013 Podcasts No comments

The incomparable Dan Gvozden, co-host of Superior Spider-Talk and a super-friend to Chasing Amazing, has returned from last weekend’s Baltimore Comic Con bearing gifts of awesome interviews with some of Spider-Man’s greatest creators. In Episode 14 of Superior Spider-Talk (a special Superior Spider-Talk and Our Amazing Friends episode), Dan speaks with Ron Frenz, who illustrated some of Amazing Spider-Man’s most important moments in the 1980s during his run with writer (the “legendary”) Tom DeFalco, along with a ton of other Spider-Man issues and mini-series. Download the podcast on our iTunes page or through our PodOmatic site.

Here are some highlights from Dan’s chat with Ron:

  • Ron discusses his legacy on the Spider-Man titles
  • Ron discusses his partnership with Tom DeFalco
  • Ron covers his feelings about the Hobgoblin stories and how felt about returning to the idea in Hobgoblin Lives
  • Ron talks about creating his Peter Parker and what the character means to him
  • Who would Ron cast as Peter Parker in his ideal Spider-Man movie?
  • The misquote of “With great power must also come great responsibility.”
  • Ron discusses creating the Spider-Girl universe
  • His favorite issues that he’s worked on
  • The atmosphere around creating the Black Suit
  • What it means to him to have been a Spider-Man artist

A special thanks again to Ron Frenz for being amazingly generous with his time, and of course Chasing Amazing thanks Dan for being a superstar in Baltimore this past weekend. And stay tuned for additional podcasts from Dan’s time in Baltimore.

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