Spider-Talk and Their Amazing Friends: Giussepe Camuncoli

By Mark Ginocchio

November 23, 2014 Podcasts No comments

Thanks to our crazy schedules around the holidays, Dan Govzden and I are not going to be able to record a new review episode of Amazing Spider-Talk until after Thanksgiving. But have no fear true believers! To hold you guys over, we have one of our Spider-Talk and Their Amazing Friends special episodes. That’s when we talk to great Spidey creators from the past and present. In this episode, I go one-on-one with current Spider-Man artist Giuseppe Camuncoli, aka Cammo. Cammo was nice enough to take some time out of his crazy travel and work schedule to speak with us about his background in art and his impressions working during a crazy era of Spider-Man comics. Take a look at it by clicking over to superiorspidertalk.com where we host our podcasts. And of course, we hope you enjoy!

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Thanks Cammo!

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