Guest Blogs: 10 Great Moments from Walt Simonson’s Thor

Simonson-Thor-FrogWithout Walt Simonson and his epic writer/artist run on Thor in the mid-1980s, the character probably would have never achieved the popularity to be the subject of multiple successful films. Most consider his interpretation of the character to be the definitive take on Thor in modern pop culture. As such, anything he does that reunites him with this universe is worth paying attention to. Last week, Simonson scripted and illustrated Ragnarok, a creator-owned work published by IDW. Ragnarok returns Simonson to Asgard and the rest of its Norse gods and goddesses, though, for obvious legal reasons, does not feature the Marvel versions of these characters. Still, in celebration of Simonson doing anything with Asgard, at, I revisited his Marvel run and listed my 10 favorite moments from these comics. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Simonson’s run, I recommend you drop everything and do so now… and then click over to my link and see if you agree!

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