Guest Blogging: Spider-Man’s Bottom Ten Bronze Age Bums

Stegron01When it comes to the blogosphere, Paul O’Connor’s Longbox Graveyard has been the Daredevil to my Spider-Man – and that’s not just because Paul is blind and is a lawyer (this has not been verified). Chasing Amazing and LBG have long been allies in the quest to create unique and (hopefully) readable content on the Internet about comic books and nostalgia. For my most recent entry at Longbox, I take a look at some of the more embarrassing members of Spider-Man’s rogue gallery. These “bottom ten Bronze Age bums,” include such luminaries as Cyclone, Grizzly and a number of other surprises along the way.

Please check out the blog post, and be sure to click here for a full archive of my posts at Longbox Graveyard. For some more information about my last LBG guest blog, a post that was named “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress, click here.

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