Guest Blogging: Gimmick or Good? – Wolverine Loses his Adamantium

In case you missed it on Friday, for my latest Gimmick or Good? feature on CBR’s Comics Should Be Good blog, I spotlighted two parts of 1993’s “Fatal Attractions” arc that celebrated the 30th anniversary of X-Men (by adding holographic panels to the cover of all five of its X-Men books). The two comics I look at are X-Men #25 and Wolverine #75, aka the issues where Magneto rips Wolvie’s adamantium skeleton out of his body and after surviving the attack, Logan discovers that his claws are actually made of bone. It’s a pretty significant story in Wolverine’s illustrious history, and also a very controversial one. To find out if I thought it was “gimmick” or “good” you’re just going to have to follow the link.

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